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by Bishop Louis L.R. Morrow, SDB

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About the Sisters of Mary Immaculate Our founder Bishop Louis Morrow, SDB, a zealous missionary and a renowned catechetical writer, was born in Weatherford, Texas and became a Salesian priest in Mexico. In 1939 he was sent to India as a missionary. From 1939 to 1969 he was the bishop of Krishnagar diocese in India. Krishnagar is about 60 miles north of Calcutta.
     To realize his vision of reaching all people, he founded our community of Catechist Sisters of Mary Immaculate Help of Christians (Sisters of Mary Immaculate) on December 12, 1948 in Krishnagar.
     Its prime mission is Evangelization and Catechesis Our mission consists in reaching out to people following the example of Jesus, who sent out the apostles two by two to as messengers of God's Good News with every one, to cure the sick, to console the afflicted, to feed the hungry and to strengthen the weak in towns and villages.
     Our continued presence in the villages, our interaction with the people's life experiences, make us aware of their varying needs. We are faced with such situation where people live in utter poverty, having no means of meeting their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, medical and educational. Many a families are not able to enjoy a full meal a day, to send their children to school as they are not able to pay for the text books, tuition fees, even dresses. For the education and to provide a better future, we provide hostel facilities, so that the children from the villages can be cared by us and attend public schools.
     In our mission centers we come across a good number of drop out from schools, especially girls who have not even completed elementary education and remain idle at home. We conduct vocational training centers for tailoring, embroidery, etc. to help out these girls so that they can earn a living. Once they complete the course, when possible they are given a sewing machine which should become a means to earn a meager income for the family, by taking orders and doing the work at home.
     In India and Africa the vast majority still live in their villages. We have so much more to succeed in reaching out to the villages most of which are still ignorant and undeveloped due to poverty, powerlessness, exploitation, lack of the awareness of their rights and privileges, etc.
     While we remain grateful to God for the help we have received we continue to appeal for help in order to reach out in service to many more.
     The main goal in all of these our ministries is to bear witness to the compassionate love of Christ who brought peace, strength and solace to the poor and lowly, the sick and suffering, the abandoned and neglected especially the women and children.
     As members of our SMI family we welcome you to be part of our mission through your prayers and your contribution for the various needs such as:
  • Education of children
  • Hostels for children from the villages to attend the schools
  • Medical care through established clinics, dispensaries and mobile clinics
  • Vocational training centers for school dropout and women
  • Fighting child trafficking
  • Religious and professional formation of our Sisters from Africa to build
       up the local church and society
  • General needs of our missions